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Medical Marijuana Research

California Survey Shows Legitimacy Of Medical Marijuana


california medical marijuana

Even though a survey released last year by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that nearly 8 of 10 physicians support the use of medical marijuana, a newer, wide-ranging survey conducted in California has found that medical marijuana patients agree with those doctors. According to the survey, published on NCBI, 92% of medical marijuana patients reported that medical cannabis helped... Read more

Anti Marijuana Academics Have Financial Ties To Big Pharmaceutical Industry


cannabis research

With the mainstream of medical and recreational marijuana use quickly becoming a reality, cannabis opponents are using a group of academic professionals and researchers to make the claim that government officials and policy makers should avoid legalizing cannabis of any kind. Common arguments used by opponents include; cannabis is dangerous, cannabis use is risky, and cannabis itself is untested... Read more

Study Involving Famous Charlottes Web Strain to be Conducted at University of Colorado


charlottes web strain university of colorado denver research

According to an article posted on Time Magazine’s website, medical marijuana patients suffering from certain forms of epilepsy may soon receive the hard clinical data they need to validate their claims that medical marijuana is the only thing that helps their conditions. A possible ground breaking clinical trial set be begin next month may finally provide patients and the public alike with... Read more

DEA Set to Increase Marijuana Grown for Continued Medical Research


marijuana research DEA

Earlier this week the federal government re-affirmed that it will be increasing the production of federal cannabis for research purposes from 46.3 pounds to 1,433 pounds. Initially the Drug Enforcement Administration announced the proposed increase May 5th and opened the topic for public comment. Only one person submitted a public response, thankfully it was a positive and supportive one.... Read more

Study Shows Couples Who Use Cannabis Less Likely to Experience Domestic Violence


marijuana weed couple smoking

Historically research has shown that individuals in relationships who use and abuse substances suffer from a greater risk for divorce. This is believed to occur in part, because in many situations substance abuse leads to domestic violence and lack of control. Interestingly, newly released research published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors is showing that when cannabis is the substance of... Read more

States With Medical Marijuana Experience Fewer Prescription Drug Overdoses



One of the nation’s leading and most respected medical journals, JAMA Internal Medicine, published a study just yesterday outlining how legalized medical cannabis in certain states has had a positive impact. According to the study, states that have legalized medical marijuana for the management of patient’s chronic pain have significantly reduced deaths from prescription painkiller... Read more

Federal government approves cannabis testing for certain ailments


Federal Marijuana Study for cannabis patients

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A clinical trial of medical marijuana could provide new hope for people suffering from sickle cell anemia. The study happening at San Francisco General Hospital is so cutting edge that the government almost stopped it from happening. At Oakland's Harborside Health Center, the walls are lined with just about every pot plant you could imagine. But across the room at the... Read more

Oklahoma Governor Announces Support For Medical CBD


mary fallin oklahoma medical cbd 1

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Medical marijuana reform truly has gone nationwide. Oklahoma, a state with some of the most restrictive laws against marijuana possession is now being one of the first states in the south to accept a new way of thinking. The state’s Republican Governor, Mary Fallin, asked lawmakers at a press conference on Wednesday to collaborate with her and each other to... Read more

Cannabis Researcher Fired Over BiPartisan Politics


research for medical marijuana arizona

Arizona - Dr. Sue Sisley, a former psychiatrist at the University of Arizona once was the leader of a movement whose focus was to receive federal approval to research cannabis’ efficacy in treating military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. She told CNBC in an interview published yesterday that she has no idea how hard that process would be. Her initial proposal,... Read more

More than half of the nation's doctors support legalization of medical marijuana


Medical Marijuana Card

Despite marijuana’s medical legalization in 21 states and counting, doctors are not overly recommending the plant for patient use. In a recently conducted survey taken by WebMD, 1,500 doctors were asked if they felt marijuana delivered medicinal benefits. While 69% of physicians felt that medical marijuana was indeed beneficial for medical use, 52% of patients polled agreed. Unsurprisingly,... Read more