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Medical Marijuana Research

Addressing the Issues of “Cannabis and Children”


cannabis for kids

People like Nancy Grace constantly talk about the “children” as their scapegoat for keeping cannabis illegal. They believe that by legalizing cannabis, children will be smoking doobies on every corner; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These prohibitionists are essentially regurgitating information they “heard” but never investigated. There are in... Read more

What you need to know about “Dabs”


Dabbing, Dabs

Dabbing is the new “hype word” in the cannabis debate. Prohibitionists tout that dabs are the new evil of cannabis consumption with “high levels of THC” which according to them, could be dangerous. However, do these prohibitionists even know what dabbing is, or is it merely another word they can throw around to confuse voters and stifle the legalization... Read more

Some Still Believe Medical Cannabis Has No Medical Value


Scientific data backing legalizing medical marijuana

A recent article posted on, conveyed the commentary that there is no scientific data to back the legalizing of medical marijuana. The author, James E. Harrell, writes that Amendment 2, termed “Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions”, which is on the November ballot, represents a classic case of creating medicine by public opinion, and not by... Read more

What do doctors have to say about Medical Marijuana?


Marijuana Doctor, Doctors Yes to Marijuana

We have noticed one of our Facebook users post a question on several posts asking the following: “Why aren’t doctors on the front line of legalization since they took a Hippocratic Oath to look out for the best interest of their patients” (paraphrased). Since here at Marijuana Doctors we love to find the answers on the behalf of our users, we have done some research to find... Read more

Cannabis for Intraocular Pressure Relief and Glaucoma


Cannabis for Glaucoma

People have known about the connection between cannabis and treating glaucoma. The reason is because cannabis helps alleviate intraocular pressure when ingested. Today we’ll dive a bit deeper behind how this actually works and show our readers that cannabis treatment for your glaucoma is a good choice. How Cannabis helps The compound within the cannabis plant believed to be responsible... Read more

Cannabis as Anti-Inflammatory Agent


Cannabis for inflammation

Cannabis has long been praised for its anti-inflammatory properties and with a 92% patient approval rating, we’ll take a closer look at the science behind ‘why’ cannabis produces such an effect. Cannabis interacts with our CB receptors and in terms of anti-inflammatory properties, the CB2 receptor is where all the magic happens. The CB2 receptor explained When cannabis... Read more

Why Cannabis helps for Nausea


Cannabis for Nausea

Cannabis has been used to suppress nausea in cancer patients for several decades now. In fact, there are FDA approved Marijuana based medicines that support these claims. This is odd since the DEA claims that cannabis has “no medical value” however there are patented medicines based of the plant, so how could this be? However, we aren’t here to talk about the political stance... Read more

California Survey Shows Legitimacy Of Medical Marijuana


california medical marijuana

Even though a survey released last year by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that nearly 8 of 10 physicians support the use of medical marijuana, a newer, wide-ranging survey conducted in California has found that medical marijuana patients agree with those doctors. According to the survey, published on NCBI, 92% of medical marijuana patients reported that medical cannabis helped... Read more

Anti Marijuana Academics Have Financial Ties To Big Pharmaceutical Industry


cannabis research

With the mainstream of medical and recreational marijuana use quickly becoming a reality, cannabis opponents are using a group of academic professionals and researchers to make the claim that government officials and policy makers should avoid legalizing cannabis of any kind. Common arguments used by opponents include; cannabis is dangerous, cannabis use is risky, and cannabis itself is untested... Read more

Study Involving Famous Charlottes Web Strain to be Conducted at University of Colorado


charlottes web strain university of colorado denver research

According to an article posted on Time Magazine’s website, medical marijuana patients suffering from certain forms of epilepsy may soon receive the hard clinical data they need to validate their claims that medical marijuana is the only thing that helps their conditions. A possible ground breaking clinical trial set be begin next month may finally provide patients and the public alike with... Read more