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Medical Marijuana Patient Stories

Arkansas governor is set to pardon his son’s decade old marijuana conviction


governors son arrested for cannabis

The unconventional and unreserved, Gov. Mike Beebe told KATV, ABC’s affiliate in Little Rock on Wednesday that, ““I would have done it a long time ago if he’d have asked, but he took his sweet time about asking. He was embarrassed. He’s still embarrassed, and frankly, I was embarrassed and his mother was embarrassed.” In 2003, Kyle Beebe, was charged with... Read more

New Yorks Marijuana Bill Is Being Delayed While Children Still Suffer from Seizures


Children use cannabis for epilepsy and other diseases

Earlier this year, New York became the 23rd state to authorize medical marijuana, however, the program is not expected to be up and running before some time in 2016. For the patients, some of which children, and many suffering from AIDS, cancer and epilepsy, 2016 may be too late. Sadly since the signing of the ceremonial bill, 3 families are already mourning the loss of their children who have... Read more

Medicating Individuals Deemed Unfit Parents: Tearing Families Apart Needlessly


23457130 BG2

Patients receiving medicinal marijuana treatments are our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers and cohorts, our significant others – our families. No longer can medicinal marijuana users be lumped together, be stigmatized, wrongly accused and worse yet – kept in the dark about their rights as citizens. In previous articles, I’ve discussed patient rights, and patients lack... Read more

THC in Cannabis Helps with Autistic Symptoms


autism awareness

What is Autism? Autism is a brain disorder that typically affects a person’s ability to communicate, form relationships with others, and respond to the environment. What are the Symptoms of Autism? Social -Children with autism take longer to interpret what others are thinking and feeling. Subtle social cues- whether a smile, a wink, or a grimace-may have little meaning. A person with... Read more

Fast-Approaching NY Medical Marijuana Debate Gaining New Perspectives



With medical marijuana being in a constant state of flux in our nation, individuals throughout the country have been relying more and more on the power of patient stories to sway them towards a position of advocacy. With such limited access to scientific research backing marijuana’s medical benefits, people around the country are increasingly relying on the bravery and activism of patients... Read more

My Body, My Brain and My Choice



Let’s say you are in the store thinking about buying some orange juice. You take a look at the boxes and see that one brand is 100% organic while the other brand is riddled with chemicals. You decide to go with the organic brand and as you are about to make your purchase, a random person who you don’t know inhibits you from your choice. In an outrage you demand to know... Read more

One tribe's peace pipe is another tribe's expulsion



Dennis Boon was 14 years old when he was struck in the head by a seven iron golf club. He had been hitting Wiffle golf balls in eighth grade physical education class when he reached down to grab the ball that had rolled in front of his classmates. One of which, hadn’t seen Boon crouching down to pick up the ball, when he had accidentally stricken him in the head. The result left a hole in... Read more

Mothers for Medicinal Marijuana


medical marijuana

Young Zaki Jackson was just six months old when his epilepsy kicked in to full gear- leaving him with up to 250 seizures per day. His doctor's diagnosed him with a rare form of epilepsy which his mom, Heather Jackson, told NBC's chief medical director, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, left him unable to breathe. She went on, “All the air leaves his lungs and he does not take another breath until that... Read more

Safe Cannabis Consumption Practices for Children


Children Medical

Whenever you say place the word “Cannabis” right next to the word “Children” red flags go up for most people. They think “how can I allow a baby to get high on pot” when in reality they are allowing their minds to be clouded with decades worth of programming. Ever since the medical marijuana world came to be in 1996, plenty of patients under the age of 18 have... Read more

San Diego California: DEA Prosecutes Elderly Medical Cannabis Patients for 27 Plants


Medical Marijuana Patient

California state law declares that medical marijuana patients are permitted to cultivate as many cannabis plants as is medically necessary to sustain adequate medicinal treatment. Dennis and Deborah Little, two elderly medical marijuana patients in their 60’s believed they were following state guidelines. After all, they both suffer from debilitating and chronic illnesses and are medical... Read more