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Medical Marijuana News

New Yorks Marijuana Conference a Great Success


New York Marijuana Conference a great success for start up medical marijuana entrepreneurs

The International Cannabis association hosted the largest East Coast Cannabis Business Expo in New York city this past weekend and has the entire industry in a business bustle. State Senator Diane Savino headlined the enterprising event held at the Marriott Marquis Broadway; also sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry, including the presidential Sponsor Marijuana Doctors. Saturday... Read more

Recreational Marijuana A Reality But Still Hard To Find In Washington


cannabis city seattle washington

Even though recreational marijuana in Washington went into effect and sales began slightly more than two months ago, it appears that legal cannabis can be hard to come by. Until this past weekend only one cannabis store was open in the city of Seattle and to reach it requires schlepping through industrial parks that are a fair ways away from the city’s downtown. And the worst part, you... Read more

Princeton University Employee Put on Administrative Leave for Participating in State Medical Marijuana Program


Princeton University

Recently a Princeton University campus dining employee, Don DeZarn, who was told he would lose his University position due to his involvement in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, has been put on “paid administrative leave” according to university officials. The move comes while both parties can come to an agreement on “reasonable accommodations”. After... Read more

Australian Labor Party Leader Supports Medical Marijuana


australia marijuana toke2013

Medical marijuana may have finally reached the land down under. According to an Australian publication named The Age, Australian Labor Party leader Daniel Andrews has stated he will support the legalization of medical marijuana in Victoria if elected this November. The announcement means that Victorian residents with terminal conditions or life-threatening diseases may be able to limitedly... Read more

Massachusetts Colleges Say No To Medical Marijuana


massachusetts colleges medical marijuana

Massachusetts – Even though Massachusetts voters legalized medical marijuana over a year ago, college students with doctor approved recommendations will not be permitted to use or store their medication on campus. College institutions across the state including nationally respected Curry College, Bridgewater State University, University of Massachusetts Boston, and Harvard University have... Read more

Florida Launches First Major Medical Marijuana Business Seminar


Florida Marijuana

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – This coming weekend hundred of excited and hopeful entrepreneurs from across the world will be attending the state of Florida’s first medical marijuana business seminar. With Florida poised to be the next state to legalize a 1 billion dollar per year medical marijuana industry interested parties from growers, physicians, and hopeful distributors are... Read more

New Rule Proposed in Florida Medical Marijuana Program


florida medical marijuana program new rule

Tallahassee, Fl. – Under a new revised rule suggested by health regulators, future Florida cannabis dispensaries may be able to directly truck their medicine to patients. This proposed rule came just a day prior to a workshop being held today regarding the state’s move to a limited type of medical marijuana. With the new rule regarding the actual delivery of medical marijuana... Read more

Governor Cuomo Urges Department of Health to Hurry


governor andrew cuomo medical marijuana   1

Buffalo, NY – WIVN News 4 yesterday reported that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to deliver a letter to the State Department of Health, in it directing the department’s administrators to expedite the process of exploring ways to quickly implement the Compassionate Care Act, New York’s medical marijuana bill that he signed into law a little more than three weeks... Read more

Canadian Medical Association Holds Outdated Views on Cannabis


Canadian Medical Association logo

Following controversial remarks made by the president of the Canadian Medical Association to the Citizen, some doctors are voicing concerns that the national body represting them has an outdated stance on medical cannabis. A stance many claim is creating unnecessary barriers for patients who can legitimately benefit from its use. Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, the president of the Canadian Medical... Read more

Minnesota Office of Medical Cannabis Has Work Load Cut Out


Minnesota Medical Marijuana

St. Paul, Minnesota – After Minnesota legalized medical marijuana for a limited list of diseases and debilitating conditions Dr. Marshall Brinton looked around at the space and equipment in his old veterinary lab and said to himself “Yeah, I could do that.” The “that” Dr. Brinton is referring to is the growing of medical marijuana. With only two medical marijuana... Read more