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Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana for Nicotine Withdrawals


marijuana and nicotine

For those of us who have had to suffer from nicotine addiction, we know that withdrawal is a living hell. While you smoke cigarettes, you don’t realize how addicted you truly are. I guess the “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” applies in this situation as well: You don’t know how addicted you are until your drug is gone. Symptoms of Nicotine... Read more

Are Marijuana Arrests Tied to Race


A recently released report by the Marijuana Arrest Research Project and the Drug Policy Alliance, show that despite Mayor de Blasio’s campaign promises, marijuana possession arrests are set to equal, or even surpass the number of arrests that took place under Mayor Bloomberg. And just like in the case of the Bloomberg and Guiliani administrations, these arrests too, are disturbingly marked... Read more

Governor Cuomo Has the Power to Expedite Access of Medical Marijuana to Patients but Will He


Mexico Considers Marijuana Legalization, Aims to Stop Cartel Violence

July 7, was the ceremonial bill signing of New York’s Compassion Care Act. As Governor Cuomo signed the bill, he shared the stage with a young girl from Suffren, who has had a rare form of epilepsy, called Dravet Syndrome, since she was only 5½ months old.  Amanda, has already tried up to 8 different seizure medications, some more than once, while also following a... Read more

The Arthritis Society Calls For Expanded Medical Marijuana Research



In an official position paper it released Monday morning, The Arthritis Society directly called upon the Canadian government to conduct more research regarding the efficacy and safety associated with medical marijuana and its associated use to treat some of the symptoms associated with arthritis such as pain and fatigue. According to the Society’s CEO and president Janet Yale, “More... Read more

Attorney General Holder Shows Evolved Opinion on Marijuana


eric holder marijuana

With the news of Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation making headlines last week, it appears that the once cannabis opponent may now be more receptive than he has ever been for the possible re-scheduling of marijuana into a less dangerous and more beneficial class of drug. In an interview with Yahoo Global News’ Katie Couric that was released last Thursday September 25th,... Read more

Colorado Board of Health Rejects Proposed Caregiver Rule Change


Jenea Cox with her daughter Haleigh Cox Colorado

In a story we brought to you several weeks ago, The Colorado Board of Health was considering limiting the number of patients licensed caregivers in the state may service. Thankfully for patients across the state the Board of Health has voted against setting a patient limit for medical marijuana caregivers. The failed rule change would have stopped caregivers from taking on new patients once they... Read more

Miami Based Nursery Challenges State Marijuana Rules


costa farms miami medical marijuana rules challenged

According to the Florida Department of Health, it choose to use the lottery selection process it did when selecting the five licensed state producers of low level THC cannabis in order to avoid lawsuits. It would appear that the department’s plan has failed before it even could truly get started. Earlier this week the organization received its first lawsuit in respects to its chosen lottery... Read more

Philadelphia Set to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession Next Month


philadelphia marijuana possession decriminalization

Philadelphia, the city known specifically for its Brotherly Love is now also becoming the largest city in the nation to decriminalize marijuana possession and its public consumption. The news comes with the hopes of ending a long standing city policy that has sent an extremely disproportional number of African American and Latino citizens to jail for more than 20 years. Following what seemed... Read more

Iowa Judge Chooses Leniency For Terminal Cancer Patient Caught Growing Marijuana


Iowa Cancer Patient Grows His Own Cannabis

This past Tuesday a benevolent Iowa judge gave terminally ill, 48-year old Benton Mackenzie probation rather than sending him to jail for a minimum of three years. Mackenzie, a terminal cancer patient was found guilty by a jury in July of manufacturing marijuana. The charges and subsequent conviction came after local authorities raided his home in Lon Grove, Iowa and found him to be growing 71... Read more

Berkeley City Council Votes to Unanimously Require Dispensaries to Give Low Income Patients Free Medicine


berkeley patients group free marijuana to low income patients

Berkeley, California – In a story we originally brought to you a few weeks ago, the city that many consider to be the most liberal in America will now be seeing a new form of “socialized medicine” thanks to a unanimous vote by the cities council. The new rules will require that dispensaries operating within city limits donate 2% of their total inventory to low income patients.... Read more