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Medical Marijuana

New York State Is Already Hiring for Jobs In The Medical Marijuana Industry


jobs are opening for residents of new york in the marijuana industry

Now that the ceremonial bill for New York’s medical marijuana program has been signed, the real process of developing and implementing the actual program really begins. And New York is wasting no time in looking for highly qualified professionals to fill the required positions. Recently a job was posted online looking for Research Scientists to test and study analytical chemistry, while... Read more

Obama Takes First Step To Rescheduling Cannabis


vanita gupta

It was recently announced that Obama intends to nominate Vanita Gupta, currently director of the ACLU's Center for Justice, to lead the civil rights division of the Justice Department. MarijuanaDoctors.Com is pleased with this information, because Vanita Gupta’s interest in disparities reflects concern over racial disparities in the war on drugs. Gupta has been quoted saying, “"We've... Read more

National Football League Alters Substance Abuse Policy


nfl drug testing policy marijuana

With the nations favorite sports league coming under immense scrutiny due to its players off the field actions, the National Football League has decided to re-examine, and re-vamp its player conduct policy, specifically its substance abuse policy. Part of what sparked the historic change in policy was the league’s seemingly disproportionate punishments for those players caught using drugs... Read more

Prices of Medical Marijuana in Illinois Expected to Rise Sharply


medical marijuana chicago

Chicago, Illinois – When the state of Illinois opens up its first dispensaries later this year, future patient Jim Champion plans to have his wife document the historic event for him to hold onto forever. “It’ll be like going to the candy store for his birthday,” Champion’s wife, Sandy said when expressing her husband’s relief after a long battle fighting for... Read more

Florida Company Plans To Have Nations Largest Legal Grow Operation


Florida Marijuana

The nation’s largest medical marijuana producing facility may soon be coming to central Florida if a local medical marijuana company gets their way. Grow Healthy LLC plans to eventually operate in a newly renovated 185,000 square foot industrial space placed on 33 acres in Lake Wales, FL says Don Clifford the company’s chief executive officer. Clifford elaborated on his... Read more

Medical Marijuana Unwelcome on Massachusetts Campuses


massachusetts medical marijuana college campus

Even though Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana more than two years ago the state’s institutions of higher education are not so tolerant. Most colleges in the state have sent out messages prior to the beginning of the fall semester alerting students that they may not use medical marijuana on campus, even if recommended by their physician. University administrators from across the... Read more

Medical Marijuana Officially Reaches Latin America


sativex cannabis drug

Medical marijuana has gone international. Cecilia Heyder, a Chilean housewife who tragically suffers from breast cancer and lupus is the first patient in the Latin America to be legally prescribed marijuana to treat her symptoms. “Out of 10 when I smoke the pain is 4, When I don’t, it is 14” says Mrs. Heyder “I feel like I am burning up inside. Everything hurts. I... Read more

NY Medical Marijuana Industry Trade Association Created


empire state building with pot leaf

New York, NY - With The Empire State being the latest state to legalize medical marijuana advocates have been very busy helping to create an infrastructure that will ultimately allow the medical marijuana industry in the state to flourish. Major state medical marijuana advocates have teamed with public policy, medical, labor, and government affairs experts to establish the Medical Cannabis... Read more

Minnesota Looking for an Experienced Medical Marijuana Researcher, Six Figure Salary Included


Minnesota medical marijuana conference

Marijuana research is a controversial topic to say the least. Many lawmakers often call out a lack of clinical research surrounding cannabis when a new law is proposed, but little do they don't understand that the country isn't allowed to even conduct clinical researches on a Schedule I substance. However, we do know one thing: there's six figures worth of income this burgeoning field. Minnesota... Read more

Say Hello To The Marijuana Industry's Newest Columnist: Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi Goldberg New York City No on Proposition 8 protest

Born Caryn Elaine Johnson, actress Whoopi Goldberg is incredibly well known for her 1990’s roles in The Color Purple, Sister Act, Ghost, Corrina Corrina and How Stella Got Her Groove Back. She became a beloved entertainer in the eyes of viewers across the country, and gained an international following with each exposure. She starred in television shows Star Trek: The Next Generation and The... Read more