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Medical Marijuana Conditions

Cannabis and Premenstrual Syndrome


PMS Syndrome and Cannabis

85% to 90% of the women who menstruate suffer from premenstrual syndrome. PMS is a serious condition that needs supervision and treatment. In most of the cases PMS presents itself with symptoms such as; abdominal pain, headaches, swelling, depression, fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, cramps, joint pain, breast pain and swelling, back pain, etc. The syndrome presents itself in a different... Read more

Medical Marijuana Helps Severe Crohn’s Disease Patients Achieve Complete Remission


crohns marijuana study 05 20

Under the many state guideline conditions that are listed to qualify a patient for medical marijuana, one that stands out especially is Crohn's disease. In North America alone, Crohn's disease affects between 400,000 and 600,000 individuals. According to a recent study that was published in the journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, nearly half of the subjects that were exposed to... Read more

Glaucoma and Treatment with Medical Cannabis: Are there Benefits?



Glaucoma Treatment Options with Cannabis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Glaucoma Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that lead to damage of the optic nerve. This nerve carries visual information from the eye to the brain. In most cases, damage to the optic nerve is due to increased pressure in the eye, also known as elevated intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is the one of the leading... Read more

British Study Shows Cannabis Capsules Fail To Slow MS


According to a recent large British study, cannabis capsules have failed to slow the progression of multiple sclerosis, dealing a major blow to hope that the drug could provide long-term benefits for patients that are suffering from the debilitating nerve disease. Despite showing early promising signs in shorter studies conducted, researchers have found that patients who took capsules containing... Read more

Advocacy Group Gives PTSD Another Try In Colorado


The Colorado Board of Health, late in 2010, denied a petition from a marijuana advocacy group based out of Colorado to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the approved listen of conditions considered by the state of Colorado o be treatable with medical marijuana. The pro-marijuana advocacy group goes by the name of Sensible Colorado. Nearly a year and a half later, Sensible Colorado is at it... Read more

White House Says No To Veterans To Use Medical Pot For PTSD


While many people have taken this past weekend to honor the fallen soldiers who scarified their lives for the safety of this country, the Drug Czar was busy lecturing surviving veterans about why they are not permitted to allow medical marijuana to treat those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder amongst other ailments. The veteran’s group had requested the White House... Read more

PTSD Patients in Arizona Ask for Chronic Relief


Arizonans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder are hoping to get the same medicinal options as those who are diagnosed with seizures or glaucoma. These individuals are longing for the right to use marijuana as dictated for medicinal purposes. Vast amounts of petitions have been filed in pertinence to adding PTSD to the specific list of medical conditions that voters approved two years... Read more

Medical Cannabis May Reduce Struggles of Multiple Sclerosis


For a while now, people who have been diagnosed with MS have long said that smoking marijuana helps ease and reduce their symptoms from multiple sclerosis, such as the painful muscle cramping they endure. A recent small study published on Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that a few days of marijuana smoking can bring some form of relief to these individuals. Researchers... Read more

If Marijuana Prevents PTSD, Why Is It Not a Qualifying Condition?


Medical Marijuana Sign 300x400

When it comes to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), veterans report that cannabis is the number one effective drug for PTSD. Dr. Leveque, a pioneering marijuana doctor in Oregon, learned about how effective cannabis is PTSD for by treating nearly 1000 veterans from Vietnam, Desert Storm, and WWII. All of the Veterans that Dr. Leveque saw reported the same thing: nothing was as effective for... Read more

Medical Cannabis And HIV/AIDS


Medical Marijuana And HIV/AIDS

By Alan Shackelford, M.D. Article 18 of the Colorado Constitution specifies that marijuana may be used by “ . . . persons suffering from HIV positive status or AIDS or their treatment.” There are many compelling reasons for people with HIV/AIDS to use marijuana, with a number of research studies to support its use, but to understand how marijuana can be effective in HIV and AIDS, we... Read more