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Medical Marijuana Blog

Why Cannabis helps for Nausea


Cannabis for Nausea

Cannabis has been used to suppress nausea in cancer patients for several decades now. In fact, there are FDA approved Marijuana based medicines that support these claims. This is odd since the DEA claims that cannabis has “no medical value” however there are patented medicines based of the plant, so how could this be? However, we aren’t here to talk about the political stance... Read more

Marijuana for Nicotine Withdrawals


marijuana and nicotine

For those of us who have had to suffer from nicotine addiction, we know that withdrawal is a living hell. While you smoke cigarettes, you don’t realize how addicted you truly are. I guess the “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” applies in this situation as well: You don’t know how addicted you are until your drug is gone. Symptoms of Nicotine... Read more

The Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis


Cannabis Juice

The other day a friend of mine, home grower, asked me what to do with his Male plants; to merely chuck them out or if there is any other use for it. I immediately told him to NOT throw out the plant. Sure, as a cannabis grower you’ll always want to get rid of the males before they pollinate the female plants, thus introducing seed production and lowering the potency of the plant. However,... Read more

What you should know about Cannabis and Pets


marijuana and pets 2

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding cannabis medicines and humans, what about cannabis for pets? There are many cases where cannabis medicine for pets are being tested with some very interesting results. Obviously, there is still a lot of research needed to be done, but the following testimonials provide a suggestive path that further research is needed due to the potential health... Read more

New Yorks Marijuana Conference a Great Success


New York Marijuana Conference a great success for start up medical marijuana entrepreneurs

The International Cannabis association hosted the largest East Coast Cannabis Business Expo in New York city this past weekend and has the entire industry in a business bustle. State Senator Diane Savino headlined the enterprising event held at the Marriott Marquis Broadway; also sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry, including the presidential Sponsor Marijuana Doctors. Saturday... Read more

Are Marijuana Arrests Tied to Race


A recently released report by the Marijuana Arrest Research Project and the Drug Policy Alliance, show that despite Mayor de Blasio’s campaign promises, marijuana possession arrests are set to equal, or even surpass the number of arrests that took place under Mayor Bloomberg. And just like in the case of the Bloomberg and Guiliani administrations, these arrests too, are disturbingly marked... Read more

Cannabis Is Being Used As Anti-Inflammatory Agent for Patients


cannabis as a anti inflammatory

Cannabis as Anti-Inflammatory Agent Cannabis has long been praised for its anti-inflammatory properties and with a 92% patient approval rating, we’ll take a closer look at the science behind ‘why’ cannabis produces such an effect. Cannabis interacts with our CB receptors and in terms of anti-inflammatory properties, the CB2 receptor is where all the magic happens. The CB2... Read more

New York State Is Already Hiring for Jobs In The Medical Marijuana Industry


jobs are opening for residents of new york in the marijuana industry

Now that the ceremonial bill for New York’s medical marijuana program has been signed, the real process of developing and implementing the actual program really begins. And New York is wasting no time in looking for highly qualified professionals to fill the required positions. Recently a job was posted online looking for Research Scientists to test and study analytical chemistry, while... Read more

New Yorks Marijuana Bill Is Being Delayed While Children Still Suffer from Seizures


Children use cannabis for epilepsy and other diseases

Earlier this year, New York became the 23rd state to authorize medical marijuana, however, the program is not expected to be up and running before some time in 2016. For the patients, some of which children, and many suffering from AIDS, cancer and epilepsy, 2016 may be too late. Sadly since the signing of the ceremonial bill, 3 families are already mourning the loss of their children who have... Read more

Governor Cuomo Has the Power to Expedite Access of Medical Marijuana to Patients but Will He


Mexico Considers Marijuana Legalization, Aims to Stop Cartel Violence

July 7, was the ceremonial bill signing of New York’s Compassion Care Act. As Governor Cuomo signed the bill, he shared the stage with a young girl from Suffren, who has had a rare form of epilepsy, called Dravet Syndrome, since she was only 5½ months old.  Amanda, has already tried up to 8 different seizure medications, some more than once, while also following a... Read more