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Marijuana Politics

Why Drug Prohibition is a Colossal Failure


drug prohibition for marijuana

Proponents of prohibition claim that they want to make the world a “safer place”, especially for the kiddies. However, prohibition after more than seventy years of existence has only made society more dangerous, inflated government agencies and provided a strong revenue source for illegal organizations. Prohibition is “unachievable” Prohibition aims at “ridding the... Read more

Doctors Stand Up Against Cannabis Being an Addictive Substance


marijuana schedule1drug

On Monday, a federal judge in California is scheduled to hear testimony from doctors, that refute the U.S. governments claims that marijuana is an addictive drug with no medical benefit. Doctors will testify that cannabis is not the demon gateway drug the government makes it out to be, reiterating yet again that there is no accepted science to justify the listing of marijuana as a dangerous... Read more

Why hasn’t Marijuana been legalized yet?


DEA raids, Stonewalling, Why marijuana isn't legal

The current scheduling of cannabis states that it “holds no medical value” and has a “high potential for abuse” however not only are these statements inaccurate, it’s unscientific. However, despite the evidence, the testimonies by doctors and patients alike, the substance remains illegal. The question on everyone’s mind is: “If we have proved that... Read more

Michael Brown Smoked Weed So What


michael brown marijuana

With the recent shooting death of Michael Brown by police taking headlines across the nation, the tension and sustained animosity than is being found in Ferguson, Missouri is beyond palpable. Intense emotions regarding the continued expression of racial injustice both in Ferguson and across the nation that dates back over 100 years is the main fuel behind the protests. However, the apparent delay... Read more

New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Patient Grievances


dont tread on weed

This morning, on the first anniversary of Governor Hassan’s signing of House Bill 573 – Representative Donald Wright joined patients and their advocates at a demonstration in front of the State house to bring awareness to the struggles patients still face. At the rally today patients and supporters, including Rep. Wright plan to join in front of the New Hampshire State House and... Read more

Members of Congress Issue Letter to President Obama: Urge Attorney General Holder To Reclassify Marijuana



While marijuana is slowly but surely becoming one of the most highly-talked about issues among politicians on Capitol Hill, lawmakers across the country are starting to turn to relaxing marijuana laws as a winning issue that lies ahead of 2014. In fact, a group of around eighteen lawmakers are pushing President Barack Obama to remove marijuana from its classification as a dangerous narcotic. By... Read more

Major Corporations Are Going Green for Recreational Marijuana Ads


tumblr mi4ymtQIRJ1r276f9o1 500

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Wasington, brand names and major corporations are now taking to marijuana advertising to lure in a different kind of crowd. Spirit airlines wasn’t going to let this green opportunity pass them by, so their marketing team is currently cashing in on the burgeoning recreational industry. “Get mile high with $10 off... Read more

High Time for Rescheduling of Marijuana


gavel marijuana 300

Criminal defense Attorney, Marc Reiner, believes it’s high time for the U.S. to reconsider marijuana’s Schedule I drug classification. Drugs must meet a criterion for their most accurate labeling. According to the Controlled Substances Act, which works to classify and schedule drugs based on a harms versus benefits scale, Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous for human consumption.... Read more

Attorney General Proposes Solution to End War on Drugs


abc medicinal marijuana holder 091025 mn

The Obama administration unveiled plans on Monday to fix what it considers to be an ineffective and unsustainable longstanding unjust treatment of many nonviolent drug offenders.They are hoping to bypass rigid mandatory prison terms while minimizing America’s massive prison population and simultaneously saving billions of dollars. Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation’s top law... Read more

Democrats Working To Get Medical Marijuana On Florida's Ballot


florida2 650x371

“The war on drugs is a war on the American people,” Florida resident, Michael Derigo said. After arriving home from a trip to the grocery store on June 25th, Derigo was shocked to find half a dozen police cars surrounding his mobile home in Gibsonton. The call had been placed from a neighbor complaining about Derigo’s homegrown plants. Since his AIDS diagnosis back in 2004, 59... Read more