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Medical Marijuana Legalization

Washington State to Temporarily Not Allow Recreational Sale of Marijuana Edibles


medical marijuana edibles

Although the state of Washington’s first legal marijuana stores open today, they're going to be lacking a significant product that will eventually go on to dominate the recreational market. By choosing to temporarily not have cannabis-infused edibles and drinks in stock, the Washington Liquor Control Board is said to have made a very smart gamble that consumers might thank them for. At the... Read more

Mexico Considers Marijuana Legalization, Aims to Stop Cartel Violence



A primary source of income for Mexican drug cartels, marijuana – along with narcotics such as cocaine and crystal meth – has fueled cartel turf wars and has become responsible for thousands of deaths in Mexico within recent years. However, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was quoted as saying on Sunday that Mexico and the United States cannot pursue diverging policies on... Read more

New York Marijuana Proposal Reaches Milestone, Sits Within Striking Distance of Becoming Law



While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo raised doubts on Thursday about whether or not he would sign a proposed medical marijuana measure that's making its way through the state's legislative chambers, the Compassionate Care Act achieved yet another victory on its path to becoming a law. After initially receiving objection from its chairman – Senator John A. DeFrancisco – the... Read more

Colorado Set to Fund One of the Largest Studies on Marijuana


Colorados Recreational Marijuana Task Force

While the movement’s earliest believers first said marijuana could be medicine more than a decade ago, the State of Colorado is finally preparing to embark on one of the largest state-funded study efforts. The Rocky Mountain State will finally get the opportunity to study the medical benefits of cannabis on a large-scale level. Under a legislative measure signed by Governor John... Read more

The Calm Before The Storm: New York Finally On The Brink of Legalizing Medical Marijuana



In yet another demonstration of growing support for medical marijuana, New York's proposed Compassionate Care Act has gained another co-sponsor – Senate Vice President Pro Tempore, Republican George Maziarz. Hailing from the sixty-second District of Niagara County, Maziarz has been associated with many landmark pieces of legislation during his political career. While the Compassionate Care... Read more

Marijuana Legalization Advocates Push for Recreational Signatures in Maine



In certain parts of Vacationland, voters taking part in this month's primary elections will be asked a question that has become an integral part of a controversial and widespread debate across the country. Residents will be asked to sign petitions that could potentially place the issue of decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana on the November ballot. That's right folks,... Read more

Kentucky Governor Signs CBD Cannabis Extract Measure, Milestone Event For KY



While the issue of medical marijuana remains a hotly contested topic, states are still attempting to find ways to legalize components of the marijuana plant without actually legalizing the plant itself. For example, just yesterday the Governor of Kentucky – Steve Beshear – signed into law Senate Bill 124. The measure legalizes a non-psychoactive compound found within the cannabis... Read more

Cannabis Advocacy Group Introduces Medical Marijuana Petition To Oklahoma Secretary of State



While compassionate pieces of legislation have made their way across decisive chambers in the Deep South, the nation will now turn its attention to yet another surprising state, but this time completely across the country – Oklahoma. In an unexpected turn of events, a group known as Oklahomans for Health is set to submit an application for petition with Oklahoma Secretary of State... Read more

Iowa Senator Makes 11th-Hour Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana In America's Heartland



In an eleventh-hour effort to win approval for the legalization of medical marijuana in Iowa, Senator Jack Hatch – a Democrat out of Des Moines – made a last-minute attempt to have this controversial issue tackled before the end of the calendar year's legislative session. Seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for Iowa governor, Jack Hatch spoke at a Statehouse news... Read more

The Politics of Pot: Where Our Nation Stands in 2014



Six years ago, Barack Obama entered the oval office with an agenda and political stance far different than the one currently being executed today. Obama upheld and implemented a policy which he firmly believed to be the fairest, most straightforward way of going about governing the democratic nation. Instead, he circumvented an issue that at present, needs to be addressed the most – medical... Read more